Reliable Supply

We offer consistent supply of products throughout the year and ensure that we are always prepared to meet our customer’s demands. We believe in identifying the pain points of our customers and offering innovative solutions. With no middlemen involved, our seamless distribution also works out efficient and effective.

Certified Organic

All we do is Organic, we love it and know no other way of how it is done. Our customers are ensured of clean high-quality ingredients with no chemical residues, pesticides, metal contamination, GMOs or anything that one cannot pronounce. Just pure and simple Organic products.

Fair Trade & Fair For Life

Our FairTrade and Fair For Life Certifications guarantee that our farmers are paid their fair share for growing the raw material. The program has transformed the lives of thousands of farmers.

Best Quality and highest standards of food safety

Quality is just not a concept for us it is the core of our mission. We have a strict testing protocol where the products are tested at farm level, during processing and final dispatch to ensure best quality. All our mills are GFSI compliant having BRC or FSSC 22000 certification.

Farm To Fork Operations

We have the best traceability system where every batch can be traced back to the farm. Over the years we have developed efficient distribution channels thanks to which we are able to reduce supply time and still deliver products at a competitive pricing.

Just In Time Door Step Deliveries

With distribution centres spread across the globe, we spend a lot of resources in ensuring that we keep stocks to meet the just-in-time delivery requirements of our customers.

Family-run business

We are a boutique style-family run organisation where we operate as a single family unit. We are quick to adapt to changing conditions and open to learning from our customers, flexible in meeting their requirmeents to their utmost satisfaction.

Contributing back to the community

No one can succeed in isolation and our vision is to evolve with the communities we work. We can think of no other way of existing than to give back to the communities that have taken us where we are today.

Farming and Manufacturing

We are grounded people, connected to the soil. Our steadyfast adherance to Organic practices reflects in the flourishing ecosystem on Pure Life’s farms. Our mills are GFSI compliant and our manufacturing is carried out with highest level of food safety there is.