Sweetness you can feel good about - our sugarcane is not only Organic but Fairtrade certified.


Join us in creating a sustainable, prosperous future for everyone involved in agriculture

Being a farming Company ourselves we are keenly aware of the hard work put on by farmers, the producers of the crops. We therefore firmly believe that they should be given a fair share for their hard work. We share the premium of our sales with each and every farmer. Both our Organic Sugar projects in Mozambique and India are Fairtrade Certified by FLOCERT and Fair for Life.

In Mozambique, our entire project is Fairtrade certified. Mozambique is ranked at 181 out of 189 countries on the Human Development Index and more than 60% of its population lives in poverty.

The farmers here need support even for the most basic of the amenities.  Our commitment to Fairtrade ensures that communities receive a fair share of the profits, hence the support from our valued customers goes a long way in giving a better life to the people.

In India, we have over 7,000 farmers in our Organic sugarcane project that are certified by FLOCERT. Fairtrade has had a transformative effect on the lives of people in the villages where these farmers live. From healthcare to education and sustenance, Fairtrade has helped to improve the overall standard of living for these farmers.

The Fair-trade premium earned by the farmer societies is used by them for the betterment of the societies by ways such as purchase of organic inputs, loans for purchasing farming equipment and tractors, loans for marriages, loans for building homes, building schools or for other basic infrastructural related needs.