Pure Life impact

We believe everyone has the right to a fair shot at success - that's why we're committed to creating socio-economic change in our community.


Pure Life Organics Foods

A Peoples’ company: Driven by the aim to contribute to the community and the people we work with

We have invested our capital in developing 154 hectares of the community’s land as a sugarcane farm. This has resulted in several benefits for the community. One of the primary benefits being that it provides a steady source of income to the community association, allowing them to improve their standard of living.

Following a Fairtrade model, the farm generates a yearly revenue for the community association to be used for the betterment of the community – be it education, healthcare or infrastructure development. All of which will in turn, positively impact on the well-being of the community and contribute to the local economy.

The community farm is also a great opportunity for interested members to learn about sustainable agriculture and gain the skills needed to set up their own individual farms. The Company provides training and support to those who come forward to learn.

Exposure to organic farming practices has helped them understand the risks and rewards of sustainable agriculture. This awareness leads to environmental conservation and sustainability.


In 6 Core Principles

  • Care For All Stakeholders

  • Ethical Functioning

  • Respect for Workers & Rights and Welfare

  • Respect for Human Rights

  • Respect for Environment

  • Respect for Environment


Creating prosperity through sustainable farming - that's our mission and our passion.

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. As a leader in the Organic industry, our approach to farm-to-fork operations is focused on delivering the freshest and most nutritious organic products directly from our farms to our customers & warehouses. That is only possible by ensuring sustainability.

And a happy healthy society is at the core of achieving sustainability. Organisaing our farmers and getting them their fair share through fair trade was something that excited us and we believed in. This movement has brought significant improvements to the general living standards of the members of the cooperatives.

We are proud to be certified by FLOCERT and Fair Trade USA.