Project Mozambique


Mozambique is endowed with rich and extensive natural resources. As the country’s economy is based largely on agriculture, 80% percent of the population is active in agriculture and fisheries. Of these, about 90% work in the family farm sector. Usage of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides is very low, or almost zero, making the land almost Organic by nature.

It is a wonderful land full of opportunities and challenges, and it is here that Pure Life has established the world’s largest greenfield project – sugar cane estate and sugar mill – fully owned by Pure Life.


Our project has generated massive employment opportunities and wealth for the local communities. Our sugar mill here produces varieties of sugar. We have joined hands with the communities as local partners as it allows us to stimulate and enhance farmers’ entrepreneurial spirit by:

  • Improving accessibility to financial services that support farmers’ projects.
  • We are able to undertake community development work like building schools, provide basic health care, telecommunication, housing and electricity.
  • Spreading the best agricultural practices as well as building economically viable farmers’ organizations.
  • Strengthening links between agricultural research and farming system developments.