Our History

Our commitment to Organic agriculture is more than just a business model - it's a way of life.


Pure Life Organic Foods is a family-run business founded in 2006. As in all families, it had all started with wanting to provide pesticide-free food to the family. It was difficult to come by and there started the search for at least the basic ingredients.

The search took an unexpected direction and the business started with a humble beginning of home-delivery of Organic food baskets with vegetables sourced locally. Slowly that grew to small exports of organic mango puree and red chilli powder. Over the years, Pure Life has grown to become a leading supplier of ethically sourced Organic food products.

Our Organic sugar mill and estate started in Mozambique in 2011, is the largest greenfield project in Africa. Over 600 employed on the estate and almost 300 Organic certified outgrowers. The latter is a number that we are working at growing.

That Pure Life is committed to sustainability for future generations is further testified by our association with over 2000 farmers in Karnataka, India and another 338 in Vietnam. In all these locales we provide the outgrowers with training in organic farming and inputs. Our farmers in Mozambique and India are Organic Fair trade certified and so reap the fruits of their dedication as well.