Project Vietnam


The Vietnam project is bourgeoning to become the second most important project for the group. Like the Indian Project, it is turning out to be our other anchorage, wherefrom we have broadened our product line. This is from where we have expanded our sweetener category by adding Organic Tapioca syrup and starch.

It is in this lush green country with nearly 80% of land under forest or mountains. The fertile soil and the ambient temperature conditions are ideal for the cassava plantations. More than 1000 small farmers have supported the Pure Life project which has become an important stable source of income for them compared to the volatility of their local source of income. The Pure Life project area covers around 2100 hectares.

Overall, the Vietnam project is of great importance for us. We are working hard and expect to make great headway in the near future. It definitely will be one of the pivotal projects of the group.