Project India


Five thousand years of history have nourished the growth of a great civilization. It has been vitalized through cross-cultural contacts and is characterized by unity in diversity. With a strong agrarian population, India is a nation undergoing significant political, economic and social change, unfolding rapidly as one of the growing economies of the world.

It is in this extraordinary land where our brand Pure Life was born 17 years ago, setting up several projects to provide the world with Organic cane sugar.

Our brand, Pure Life, has several tie ups with well recognized agricultural universities to provide technical support to the farmers. Pure Life staff organizes regular trainings at its project sites to ensure that the farmers are constantly in touch with the latest standards to be followed.

Financial support is extended through distribution of free organic agricultural inputs. Pure Life also takes special care to ensure quality by monitoring farm produce through processing and dispatch. A huge certification team exits within the organization both at the New Delhi office and at the project site to ensure that the farmers follow organic activities.

Our project is in Dharwad district which is situated in the Western sector of North Karnataka. Pure Life has the maximum number of farmers in this project, numbering at 7500.

The farming activities are much diversified here and it is here that we started our Fairtrade project. The addition to the farmer base in the Indian project is on a constant rise and we endeavour to constantly deepen our reach here.